Sold. 1990. Color. Patterns. Coffee Table. ($550)

Sold. 1990 Postmodern Coffee Table$550 (oakland rockridge / claremont)


Hello furniture aficionado!
Consider this:

Custom-made in Santa Monica/Venice
Circa 1990, unknown artist
Mint Condition

Legs and frame of hand-jigged and welded steel, powder coated in speckled charcoal/ivory.
Top in hand-painted and hand-molded fiberglass resin on MDF
Dimensions : H 54″, W 30″, T 17″

This is a fascinating table, and the confluence of three major trends happening on the West side of Los Angeles in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

The first was the postmodern movement, and after decades of work, LA cultural icons such as John Baldessari, Frank Gehry and Peter Shire, already reknown in the world of arts and intelligentcia, busted into the general public consciousness. The second was surfboard art, which was spreading away from the beach, and practitioners of resin painting and laying were finding other audiences and other avenues of expression (and streams of income! Glassing didn’t pay all that well.)

The third was the explosion in interest in Southwestern iconography, which started at the high end and then, for a while, filled out every decorative niche at every price and taste level in the country. Perhaps this is a variation on the classic “Two Grey Hills” Navajo rug motif, but it isn’t particularly reverent or literal (see postmodernism, above)

One other thing: A ridiculous amount of labor went into this table. Please total up in your head what it would cost to hand-cut, hand-jig, hand weld, small-batch powder coat, hand paint, hand glass, and hand assemble.

This table was purchased directly from the artist in Santa Monica, circa 1990. I am asking $550.

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Thank you!

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