Sold. Succulents. ($1-5)

Sold. LOTS & LOTS of Succulents Plants Starts Cuttings$1 (Daly City Ca)

Got lots of varieties of succulents and starts in a bunches of colors and sizes in individual pots and at least 40 flats, plus lots of aloes, blue chalk sticks, ice plants, and ground covers. Also have some large hanging Christmas Cactus and decorative arrangements in displays in special containers and some house plants (mostly the variegated Dracaena “corn plant”, and I have plant starts and seedlings of many different types and colors for sale including Swedish Ivy (all time fave of everyone who sees it), a variety of Hebes, Billbergias (bromilliads), mallows, Angels Trumpets, fuschias (including the coveted Lilac Fuschia), Escalonia, roses, lemon, rose and spice geraniums, bunches of small low growing garden ferns, hanging or ground cover English Ivy variegated and solid greens, Martha Washington in various colors (Pelargoniums/Geraniums), and a variety of hydrangias, including coveted “LaceCaps” in pink. ALSO have fun decorative garden items such as lil animals, hanging thingies, etc for sale.

Prices vary on how many you want, size, and classification, but individually starts at $1 and goes up to $5, more for larger pots and flats (diff sizes). Picture shows mostly all for sale, so be FIRST to select as pieces will be sold 1st come, 1st served so may not be available as shown. Buyer is responsible for delivery arrangements and costs. Although you can take most in their pots, please bring trays, boxes, etc for transferring and transporting, and I have plenty of free large plastic bags to help with drippy pots.

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