Sold. ***ANTIQUE VICTORIAN MAHOGANY DRESSER & MIRROR (mid-1800s) Solid Wood$410(santa cruz)


This piece of furniture had been in our Hartford, CT homestead since the mid-1800s).
We have downsized and do not have the space for it. It is in excellent condition.

Base Measurements:
42.5″ (L)
35.5″ (H)
19.5″ (W)
The base has 4 drawers with original hardware.

Upper Tier Measurements:
35″ (L)
5.5″ (H)
The upper tier has 3 drawers. The two end drawers have original knobs.

All 7 drawers can be locked with original key.
All drawers slide easily.

Mirror Measurements:
30.5″ (L)
24″ (W)
The lines appearing in the picture of the mirror are merely reflection lines.
We have all the nuts and bolts and support posts to mount the mirror to the dresser.

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