Sold. Color. Patterns. India. Rug. ($1000)

Sold. 10′ x 14′ handmade in Agra India, Oriental Rug$1000 (noe valley)


Made in Agra, the former capital of the Mogul empire this carpet contains motifs of flowers, plants and tree. Artisans, including many carpet weavers, came to Agra from all over the Muslim world (particularly from Persia) to enhance the city’s beauty.

Size: 9’8″ x 13’9″, Country of origin: India, Colors: Cream, Green, accents of coral, gold, brown, black, light green, grey, black, shrimp, and soft red. Very good condition, could use a professional cleaning to remove smudges. Hand knotted, pure wool pile and pure cotton foundation. KPSI: 81.

Originally purchased from Manhattan Oriental Rugs in 2003, used for 2 years then put in storage. Similar new rugs go for $2000+

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