Curtis Jere. Brass. Copper. Sculpture. ($399)

Mid Century Brass and Copper Wall Sculpture – by Curtis Jere$399 (dublin / pleasanton / livermore)


Curtis Jere Brass and Copper Wall Sculpture – Birds in Flight

Nice mid century modern wall sculpture by Curtis Jere (unsigned). The piece is unsigned (as are many of his sculptures), but this is a famous design of Jere’s. There are ten birds which could be seagulls, cranes, or geese. Six of the birds are brass, the remaining four are copper. The spokes (which look like the sun’s rays to me) are gold painted metal with black tips. Very easy to hang from a hole in the back of the piece. The piece is in good vintage condition with a bit of wear to the birds (light tarnish / patina and some slight crimps), but no broken or missing pieces. The detail pic shows the worst of the wear.

Metal Artists C Jere Sunburst Rays With 10 Copper & Brass Geese
In Various Positions Of Flight
This Beautiful Wall Sculpture Of Geese In Flight Measures:
* 38″ LONG
* 20 1/2″ TALL
* 1 1/2″ Away From Wall
* 10 Geese – Brass & Copper
* Sunburst Rods
* Signature – Not Found

Asking – $399 or reasonable offer

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